Churchyard Maintenance

The whole community appreciates, and benefits from, the well maintained churchyard. The grass is mown regularly, with some financial help from the Heytesbury, Imber & Knook Parish Council who have donated money for the purchase of a strimmer. In addition the whole churchyard is kept tidy and in good repair by volunteers.

Latest News
The Maintenance Group are now meeting in the Churchyard every Wednesday morning from 10.00am to 12 noon. If you have some time to spare do come and join them. Just bring your own tools.

Churchyard Report 2015/16
Hugh Byas has been working on the West wall, opposite Chancel End House, to try and fill all the gaps and replace the cement between bricks. He has been given 10 days there.

Matt Gunter has removed three yew trees and reduced another one to 8ft in height in the southeast side of the churchyard. He is in the process of obtaining permission to reduce the remaining two yew trees to 8ft. This should complete the Sponsorship Programme to tidy up those yew trees. He has also raised the crowns of the English yews at both entrances to the churchyard and the one adjacent to the church porch. This work has been assisted by a generous grant from the "We Love Yew" Conservation Foundation.

On occasional Wednesday mornings the Irish yews in the north of the churchyard have been further attended to, with ivy and dead wood being removed.

Other maintenance work has been keeping the memorials tidy. It is the intention to grass over the area of the old tree in the south churchyard. The tree came down 2 years ago and the ground has been harrowed in anticipation. There is also the plan to grass over the area around William Cunnington's grave this Spring.

It is also the intention to try and tidy up the English yew trees along the east wall, in the area of 99-100 Church Terrace, and to remove a number of stone edges from old graves that have been dumped in that area.

If you would like to help in the maintenance of this community amenity then please come to the Churchyard at 10.00am on a Wednesday morning or contact either:

Peter Andrews 01985 840517
Robin Hungerford 01985 840522