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You may use the selection panel on the left hand side of the screen to refine the list of graves. Please enter your criteria in the appropriate fields and click on the 'Apply' button. You may enter any string of characters in the 'Name' field and any records that contain that string of characters in either the person's first name or surname will be shown, regardless of case . The same applies to the 'Residence' field.

Died/Buried DateResidenceAge
ElizabethBuried04 Sep 1722Heytesbury
a COURT ASHEWilliamDied08 Aug 1781Heytesbury
A VagrantName UnknownBuried05 Jan 1773
a' COURTArthur EdwardDied06 Dec 1816Naples1 yr, 1 mo
a'COURT ASHEPeirceDied06 Sep 1768Heytesbury66
a'COURT ASHE (née VERNON)AnnabellaDied29 Feb 1777Heytesbury70
ABBOTDennisBuried28 Jan 1748Heytesbury
ABBOTEleanorBuried07 Sep 1743Heytesbury
ABBOTEleanorBuried08 Jul 1760Heytesbury
ABBOTElizabethBuried15 Mar 1766Heytesbury
ABBOTJohnBuried04 Apr 1756Heytesbury
ABBOTMaryBuried15 Jun 1765Heytesbury
ABBOTSarahBuried19 Jan 1753Heytesbury
ABBOTThomasBuried26 Feb 1602Heytesbury
ABBOTWilliamBuried07 May 1658Heytesbury
ABBOTWilliamBuried30 Apr 1751Heytesbury
ABBOTTAnnBuried20 Feb 1737Heytesbury
ABBOTTAnnBuried?? Sep 1717Heytesbury
ABBOTTAnneBuried07 Sep 1669Heytesbury
ABBOTTEleanorBuried01 Feb 1742Heytesbury